How to Create Your Own Animation

How do animation? Today it’s become easier than never before to produce quality cartoons or animated explainer videos with the help of professional assistance of an animated video production company or the best animation software programs. Start creating your projects for free or paid and design an animated video to communicate your idea through animation better. But first, let’s revise the basics.


What is the Animation

The process of animation is a visual display of changes in properties of one object or a set of objects. The animation will make your data more vivid by saving actions that can be repeated at your choice. It helps you visualize changes in perspective, changes in document properties, and geographic dynamics, etc. Use animation to understand patterns in data over time and automate the processes that must be performed when showing points created only through visual dynamics. Sky’s the limit in using simple animation for your business needs.


How Does Animation Work

How does animation work and what is the animation for your business projects? You may start the activity by studying basic animation lessons and taking the tutorial. The advantage of the classes is the sequential study of the process of creating animation according to the principle from simple to complex. Also, to complete the first steps of creating animation, you may need to master the basic programs. When you’re through with your learning to animate, you may produce an awesome storyboard, 3D motion, explainer video, or pencil-like drawing, etc. for your project to engage more viewers and boost the business success. Animations of any type and style on Dribbble


Types of Animation

Since the introduction of the most primitive 2D animation, up till today, there’s a wide variety of new stop-motion views and styles that have been invented. Nevertheless, there are 5 main types:

• Traditional animation;
• 2D vector animation;
• 3D computer animation;
• Motion graphics;
• Puppet animation;

Of course, not all of them are likely to be applied in digital, but they are still possible to master to craft excellent business solutions.


How to Create an Animated Video: 4 Main Steps

How to create animation on your own? Since there are plenty of tools to come in handy where there’s no opportunity to hire professionals from scratch, apply your favorite 2D software to create animated characters and complete your task in several steps. Here they are.


Step 1 Choose the template you like

How to create animation? – Quite easy. Browse a collection of professionally designed animation templates to find the perfect one to fit your project. Create your animation from scratch by picking up the basic scenes individually, or use preset options with a ready-made plot, etc., and go ahead with your short animated videos.


Step 2 Customize the design

After you have selected the desired template, it’s time to edit it to adjust for your project. Upload your videos and images, choose fonts and styles, and customize colors using a wide range of tools.


Step 3 Add your own music track or voice-over

It’s time to move on to the next step – setting up the audio for your animated video or character. You may choose from hundreds of songs available on the platform you use if any, upload your own music track, or add a professional voiceover recorded in advance. Or add both! Use advanced audio editors to sync scenes to your voiceover or load a track for your project, etc.


Step 4 Share your video

When your video is ready, you can share it on YouTube and other social networks, as well as download it to your device. You can go back and edit your project anytime in the ‘My Videos’ section of your account.



When you are looking for an effective, simple, and fun way to find out how to make an animation, share your business idea, or talk about a complex concept, then an animated video studio is a perfect solution. Expert help is always the best. Thoughtful animated video will help you visualize your idea and present it effectively and in a fun way. The good news is that you don’t have to invest a lot of resources to create professional animations when you apply to top free tools plus your own knowledge and skills. All the necessary tools and functions are available on multiple platforms for both beginners and design pros. Anyway, want to know how to make an animation that engages – feel free to ask for help any time.